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Please comment about your experience at Boggs here!


5 Responses

  1. This was my first Ultra Marathon as well as my first trail race and I must say that this race made sure it likely won’t be my last. The course was difficult, well, really, anything outside of Minnesota that’s hilly is difficulty, but not impossible and the last couple miles were great as it allowed you to just run towards the finish instead of a death march, which were the few miles before that. The course could have been better marked in areas. There were a few forks in the road that were confusing. The aid stations were fantastic. Great choices of drinks and food. The people were great to talk to and seemed happy to be there, so that was fantastic. Finish line was a little weird having the kinda 180 turn around loop to the finish. Burrito was nice. Hopefully the events grows because there was a little lack of support at the end. Maybe if the 25k started later they might hang around a little longer to see some of the 50k people finish. Overall though i really enjoyed myself.

  2. I have been running trail races In CO and CA for over 30 years and would rank this particular course and event organization very high. The fact that it was the first race event for the race directors makes it even more impressive. Given the complexity of the course I found it to be very well marked and had no touble navigating it. The post race refreshments were much better than most of the races I have participated in around this area. The Web site was also first class. I hope they decide to continue Cobb Mountain Trail racing events.

  3. The course is quite pretty, lots of young pines, with a couple miles of older growth alongside a creek. The single track sections are fantastic. Thick piles of needles. The soil drains amazingly well. Even the dirt roads were nearly free of mud, except for a half mile section on the out and back.

    I really enjoyed the ravens! The Boggs ravens seem to have a very differerent dialect than those of the east bay.

    I will look for this event again next year. For that matter, if ever I’m driving through the area, I will be tempted to stop by for a run.

  4. I was a volunteer at AS Calso & Finish Line with a cool team. Runners’ comments: surprised by quality aid stations – great selection of foods/hydration/supplements (unlike many races) with helpful & friendly service; beautiful course & environs (had expected wet & muddy); much appreciated firepit; healthy burritos; useful stuff in goodie-bag; friendly people, staff & directors; well organized; need signage in some spots; want this race next year!

    My 2 cents: Maybe have a straight line to finish line, to end next to AS Calso & firepit. Both 25K & 50K runners could see the finish line & clock from a long distance & could sprint to make their best time. At this location, there would be more staff & people to cheer, welcome & congratulate them & share in their grueling accomplishment! AS could be manned to serve them nourishment at all times. It seemed deserted at the finish line & AS when the 50K runners came dribbling in. Next year if you have it, maybe the 25K could start later than the 50K so both groups finish in about the same timeframe. To distinguish the 2 groups, have even numbered bibs for one vs odd #’s or a color spot.

    Gary & Leor, we are all so grateful & thankful for all your hard work in putting on this beautiful, fun & most challenging race. Great website too.

  5. Highly Recommended! I camped out with a large group of my friends and everyone had a great time. The campgrounds have lots of room and being free, you can’t beat the price. The course wanders, on mainly single-track, through stands of Ponderosa Pine with an understory of Manzanita and Coffeeberry. There were even some planted Jeffery and Sugar Pines which don’t normally grow this low. No one in my group had any problems with the course markings and the the Aid Stations were well stocked. Thanks to Gary and Leor and all the wonderful volunteers for putting together a great race.

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