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Lodging is available near Boggs in Cobb, CA and Middletown, CA. More substantial accommodation is located 35 minutes to the south in Calistoga, CA and 25 minutes to the north in Clear Lake, CA.

Camping is available at no additional cost and is a great way to enjoy the weekend to its fullest. We highly encourage camping the night before the event (Friday, October 29th).

Dry Camping – Bring Water!

Boggs Demonstration State Forest is a dry campground.  There is water available at the ranger station, but it is recommended you bring your own pottable water for consumption and cooking with.  There are no water facilities in the campground or within half a mile of where the event will be staging.  So plan ahead!


Campfires at Boggs are permitted only in designated camping rings.  DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN CAMPFIRE RINGS! Because these campfire rings are of limited supply, you are asked to share with your fellow runners.  Cozy up, be a good neighbor and enjoy the outdoors.

Camping Spots

Camping is first-come / first serve at Boggs.  Many people show up Friday the evening before the event to stake out a spot.  But you are not permitted to take over large areas.  You must share space with others.  If you’re seen being greedy with space, we’ll have a little chat.  Pick a spot and set up!

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